ZeroCO2 and BOit collab in the 3rd edition of the illustration contest!

ZeroCO2 and BOit collab in the 3rd edition of the illustration contest!

Great news for the Third Edition of the BOit competition is the collaboration with ZeroCO2, an Italian benefit company that focuses on ecosystemic sustainability through high-impact reforestation projects founded by Andrea Pesce and Virgilio Galicia.

Through the management of these zeroCO2 planting projects, they support the work of farming communities, who receive donated trees after being trained in sustainable agricultural techniques. To support this effort, zeroCO2 allows companies and individuals to remotely adopt these trees, creating their own forest and thus taking on the support of farming communities.

Furthermore, zeroCO2 is committed to daily scientific outreach on the climate crisis and sustainable development, using language that is understandable even to those not familiar with the subject.

What impressed us most about zeroCO2 is their effective communication, thanks to collaborations with illustrators, to creatively disseminate complex topics characterized by high scientific rigor. We found it very interesting to engage with an organization dedicated to sustainable development while also valuing the profession of illustration.

ZeroCO2 supports Boit! by funding the second prize, “A Sign of Impact,” worth 500.00 euros. They have also contributed to covering the costs of frames and materials used for our stand at BCBF, created by the craftsmen of Astronave Lab.

And that’s not all! zeroCO2 will gift each of the 30 finalists of the competition with the adoption of a tree! Additionally, Niccolo Pesce, representing zeroCO2, participated in our webinar program – “Beyond words” – in the first session on the topic: Science and Illustration: The Infinite Possibilities of Non-Fiction Illustration (which can be reviewed at the following link: