Beyond words – A cycle of webinar and interviews to enrich the collective imaginary 

Also in this third Edition, Boit! confirms itself as an active promoter of initiatives for and with illustrators, thanks to a rich calendar of free events to help out participants and at the same time enrich the collective imaginary: great chances to learn and moments for discussion.

Beyond words is the title of this cycle of events that counts up to five meetings, all enjoyable online. 

The first two events are scheduled for the end of April and will be live streaming talks on youtube with opportunities for audience participation.

Professional/Professors/researchers who deal with the theme of this edition in a multisided way, will converse in Boit’s virtual living room together with professional illustrators, giving their point of view or suggesting some insights to the contest participants. 

The first webinar, April 20, 7 pm, will be on the theme “Science and illustration: discovering the infinite possibilities of the non-fiction illustration” will feature as participants Marta Galloni, coordinator of the  Life4Pollinators; Marta Barberis, author of the botanical illustrations of the Life4Pollinators project, from the BiGea Department of the University of Bologna; Nicolò Pesce, creative director of  zeroCO2, sponsor of Boit; Matteo Pompili, children’s book author and founder of Tecnoscienza; and Chiara Vercesi, illustrator, Annual Awards winner in Education and Science.

Moderator: Sara Bernardi, illustrator and Boit board member. 

They will talk about a number of issues going from working with non-fiction illustration, science outreach through images, what is climate change and ecological transition. The themes that inspired this year’s edition will be explored in a convivial way. 

Live streaming on Youtube with the possibility to participate and comment at this link:

Scienza e illustrazione: le infinite possibilità dell’illustrazione non-fiction

The second webinar, scheduled for April 27 at 7 p.m., will address the theme of “Cities and Illustration: going beyond town to new ways of living”. 

Speakers will be Jannik Pra Levis, doctoral student at the Department of Arts, University of Bologna; Chiara Ciambellotti doctoral student and teaching tutor at the Department of Architecture, University of Bologna; Pennelli Ribelli, Collective of artists/muralists, creator of Pennelli Ribelli Festival; Martina Tonello, illustrator of the book Houses in the World. Moderated by Carlotta Artioli and Costanza Rosa, Boit board members. 

In this webinar we will start from the very meaning of living to go beyond the boundaries of the city and delve into other possible worlds that are more sustainable. 

Live streaming on Youtube with the possibility to participate and comment at this link
Città e illustrazione: sconfinamenti verso nuovi modi di abitare.

Followingly, in the month of may until the deadline of the contest, we will host the “Illustrated interviews”, a cycle of three appointments with professional illustrators. 

Three interviews for three exceptional illustrators: 

Assia Ieradi

Giulia Sollai

Diari di Brodo

We will discuss about the job of the illustrator, how to approach this profession which may be lonely, at times frustrating, but incredibly beautiful. 

On the next days we will release the date of the interviews.

BOit Webinars and interviews program 2023
BOit Webinars and interviews program 2023

All webinars and interviews will be live streaming. They will be recorded and will be available on our YouTube channel. In the meantime, if you won’t be able to attend you are invited to write us any questions you would like to ask to our guests.